Legg Mason Royce US Small Cap Opportunity Fund

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About The Fund

Investment Aim

The Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing at least 70% of its Net Asset Value in a diversified portfolio of equity securities issued by small- and micro-cap US companies (market capitalisations of less than US$3 billion). The Sub-Investment Manager attempts to take advantage of what it believes are opportunistic situations for undervalued securities.

Performance Benchmark

Russell 2000 Index
Month-end NAV:
Class A Acc (USD):USD 179.66
Class A Acc (SGD):SGD 1.790
Class A Acc (SGD)(Hedged):SGD 1.763
Class A Acc (AUD)(Hedged):AUD 150.98
Fund Size:USD 745 million
Number of Holdings:259
All data are as of 30 April 2019

About the Investment Strategy

  • Bottom-up stock selection process based on a disciplined value approach.
  • Portfolio comprises a broad range of small- and micro-cap companies and portfolio diversification is achieved by holding around 300 stocks.
  • Micro-cap companies usually comprise around 40% to 50% of the Fund's portfolio.
  • Seeks to invest in companies trading at discounts of 50% or more to the investment manager's estimate of their value as a business, ie what the manager believes a knowledgeable buyer would pay to acquire the entire company.
  • The Fund's portfolio falls within one of four distinctive themes: unrecognised asset values; turnarounds; undervalued growth; and interrupted earnings.
  • The investment manager seeks to identify promising companies that have strong balance sheets, high internal rates of return and excess cash flow.
  • About the Investment Team

    Headquartered in New York, Royce & Associates has more than 30 years' investment experience in US small-cap equities. The firm focuses exclusively on the US smaller companies sector.


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