Brandywine GLOBAL

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Firm Overview

We believe in the power of value investing. Acting with conviction and discipline, we look beyond short-term, conventional thinking to rigorously pursue long-term value across differentiated fixed income, equity, and alternative solutions. Where others see risk, we see potential.


Culture of Debate

Respecting diverse viewpoints and inviting candid discussion, we challenge one another and conventional thinking to make better investment decisions.

Investing with Conviction

We look beyond short-term uncertainty to rigorously pursue long-term value.

Global Perspective

We combine expertise in value investing with a global perspective to provide differentiated solutions and investment insights.


Brandywine Global Investment Management (Brandywine) is affiliated with Legg Mason Global Distribution through common control and ownership by Legg Mason, Inc. Legg Mason Global Distribution provides its clients with access to Brandywine primarily through its Dublin and Luxembourg domiciled funds, in which Brandywine serves as investment manager.