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Brandywine Global Investment Management has built up significant expertise across fixed income and equity portfolios that invest in US and global markets. Founded in 1986 by a group of highly experienced portfolio managers, the firm is a wholly owned affiliate of Legg Mason, Inc. since 1998 but operates independently, being headquartered in Philadelphia with satellite offices in Chicago, San Francisco and Singapore.

Brandywine pursues one investment approach: value investing. Through practical experience, Brandywine has determined that value-style investing — whether in equity or fixed income markets, in the US or internationally — can provide excellent risk-adjusted returns over full investment cycles, and it is a particularly important strategy in today's global markets.



Brandywine believes it can seize opportunities and generate long-term returns through strict adherence to its value-driven process by concentrating portfolio assets in countries and currencies that meet its definition of value. Brandywine will avoid constructing portfolios that mirror the benchmark on the basis that a country weighting in a benchmark is not reflective of the value of the underlying fixed income market.

As a result, when looking at fixed income markets, Brandywine will focus on:

  • Investing in bonds with the highest real yields
  • Manages currency to increase returns
  • Rotating among countries to find the best value in fixed income markets around the globe
  • Controlling risk through the purchase of undervalued securities.

Brandywine Global Investment Management (Brandywine) is affiliated with Legg Mason Global Distribution through common control and ownership by Legg Mason, Inc. Legg Mason Global Distribution provides its clients with access to Brandywine primarily through its Dublin and Luxembourg domiciled funds, in which Brandywine serves as investment manager.